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Math fab Mathonwy - We’ve Got Naughty Nephews

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We’ve Got Naughty Nephews

These guys have some not-so-nice nephews. So much for “honor your uncle” stuff—their kindred did them dirty. These fellas spend time plotting revenge and destroying their family trees!

Iphiclus and Euippus

The Greek hero Meleager was a hunter that killed the big Calydonian Boar. So far, so good. But Melly wanted to give the boar’s skin to Atalanta, his crush, which his mother’s bros, Iphy and Eu, didn’t like. Melly got ticked and bumped them off. He was only alive as long as his mother didn’t let a certain log burn up, so, really annoyed, Althea, his mama, burned the log—and him—up.


This Egyptian god really wanted to be king of Egypt, but his brother, Osiris, and nephew, Horus, just didn’t agree. So, some say Seth got pregnant by Horus in a really weird process and was forced to give birth to his own great-nephew. Plus, Horus became king. Unfair!

Wantu Su

The Sara people of Sudan and Chad had a nephew-uncle pair that beat all. The chief god of their pantheon, Wantu Su, gave his nephew a drum that had pieces of everything that ever existed (no pressure, right?) to bring to humans. It broke open and his nephew caused everything to be spread out all over Earth. Now, we can only find some good stuff.

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