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Math fab Mathonwy - The Problem with Pigs

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The Problem with Pigs

Porkers cause problems. These fellas have all had problems with piggies over time. They conspire to get ham off the school menu and replace it with any other meat. They support chickens and turkeys in general over pigs, whom they despise.


In eastern Brazil, Amazon tribes aren’t pig fans. The swine were once folks who insulted the god Maíra, so he turned them into pigs. He left the door open and the pigs ran wild, where they survive until today. Ouch (or, should we say, Oink!)


This Greek hero had to catch a big pig as one of his labors. He chased the Erymanthian Boar all through winter (cold!), after which he finally caught it and brought it back to his annoying cousin Eurystheus. All that for one silly swine? Ridiculous.


The half-man, half-pig Kamapua’a was a not-so-nice dude in Hawaiian mythology. He tried to flirt with the volcanic goddess Pele, who called him piggy names. Eventually, she yielded and they got busy, but that porky myth still stands.

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