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Minotaur - Bull-Headed Man Eaters

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Bull-Headed Man Eaters

The only guys allowed in this clique have the bodies of men and the heads of bulls. So if you're dying to join, you're going to have to find some way to get a bull head on your shoulders. Oh, and you'll have to eat human beings, preferably children. Note: Shmoop does not recommend you do this at all. After all, it didn't end well for our Minotaur.


This guy was an ancient god from the Near East and like the Minotaur, Moloch was depicted as having the head of a bull and the body of a man. (So much for one-in-a-million.) Also, like the Minotaur, Moloch thought it was fun to eat children—it's said that his worshippers sacrificed virgin girls and young boys to the bloodthirsty god. Want an even more graphic image? Well get this: sometimes Moloch was depicted as a bronze statue that raised its arms to feed the human sacrifices into its flaming mouth. Yikes. (Source.)


Moloch is also equated with god named Baal, or Ba'al, who was hugely popular in the Near East in biblical times. Like Moloch and the Minotaur, Baal was sometimes shown with the head of a bull and had quite a taste for human flesh. (Source.)

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