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Imagine a giant twisted metal hulk, with people hanging upside down from it, hurtling through space and copies of Egyptian temple ruins at a hundred miles an hour. It's the Montu, the inverted roller coaster at Tampa's Busch Gardens.

Like a bunch of the other Egyptian gods, Montu was a Goa'uld (one of the bad guys) on the Stargate television series. Just like the real Montu, this one worked for Ra, but unlike the real Montu, he battled with Horus (and won), and was a bad guy.

In case he ever decides to declare war against icebergs, Montu has an Estonian ice-breaking tugboat named after him.

Of course there's a band named Montu. We assumed they'd be a metal band, but they're totally not. Surprise.

Martial arts? Try Montu arts. That's right, the African self-defense tradition is named after the Egyptian tough guy.

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