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Montu - Spear Squad

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Spear Squad

All the members of the Spear Squad are highly skilled with this deadly weapon. Think of it as death on a stick. Or, when it's not killing time, a great way to put the marshmallows in the campfire.


Every single morning, Seth gets to bury his spear in Apep's face. And every single evening, Seth gets to clean his spear, so he can be ready to do it again at the next dawn. See that red dawn? Looks like another cleanup in Aisle Heaven.


Odin has a spear named Gungnir. We're not exactly sure what that means, though we do know that Gungnir never misses what it's thrown at. Is this because Odin's that good, or because he only has one eye and Gungnir feels sorry for his lack of depth perception?


Why use a spear, when you can use a giant bolt of lightning instead? That's what Zeus said.

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