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Montu - The Strategists

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The Strategists

Every group has leaders, but some groups are made of leaders. This clique is full of the brains behind the battle, whether they're officially generals, full of wisdom, or just clever.


Do you have to be a good guy to lead an army or solve a puzzle? Nope. Loki is living proof that strategy and morality don't necessarily go together. So far, Montu's putting up with him being part of the club, but if he messes with anybody like he messes with his fellow Norse gods back home, he'll get the boot.

Bran the Blessed

Bran's a Brit with a wit. He's also come up with lots of quick ideas, from that time he had to save his sister Branwen, to what to do at last year's school talent show. Just don't ask him to keep his head when he's stressing about those plans—he doesn't have one to keep.


He's not quite a god, but nobody seems to notice. Besides his awesome Trojan looks, Hector has an excellent head on his shoulders. (Unlike Bran. Not that he's jealous or anything.)

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