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Neith - Archery Club

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Archery Club

Out on the archery range, nobody messes with these gods. Neith's a little older than the rest, but she can still keep up with them, arrow for arrow.

Artemis and Apollo

Everybody knows Artemis is deadly with a bow and arrow, but did you know her twin Apollo is, too? The Greeks called him Aphetor, "to let loose with an arrow," and the Romans called him Articenens, "carrying a bow." Double trouble in the archery department!


Think you're good at archery? Try doing it on skis! Skadi is a snowbird, come down from the Norse lands to have an archery contest with this tough clique. Even Neith is worried.

Houyi (Yi)

Houyi (or Yi) is legendary in his native China and not just to his wife the moon. Yi's best hunt included killing nine of the God of Eastern Heaven's children, who were lurking around China as three-legged sunbirds at the time and heating up the place too much. When it came time to kill the tenth and final sunbird, the Emperor stopped him—and that's why we have only one sun today. Lucky for us!

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