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Neith - Justice Club

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Justice Club

Kids fighting on the playground? Call one of the gods in this clique and it'll all get straightened out. Possibly permanently.

The Fates (Moirae)

Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos aren't just three sisters cackling around a campfire. They're responsible for everything that happens—the ultimate judges. Neith has a similar relationship with two other goddesses sometimes called her sisters: Seshat, Egypt's divine librarian; and Nephthys, the goddess of death. When all six of them hang out, evil better beware.


Well, he's not entirely in the right, especially when he goes off and does things for himself. But when Odin asks Thor to make things right? You know it's hammer time. This Norse god enjoys Neith's company. Just don't get between them when they're showing off their skills. (Is that why Odin's missing an eye?)


Egyptian Neith and Greek Athena are so similar that the famous Greek historian Herodotus called them by the same name. Both are powerful, single ladies who can kick your butt one-handed. Both are also incredibly wise, but Neith's definitely the elder. We know Athena's the daughter of Zeus, but nobody knows when (or even if) Neith was born.

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