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Neith - Sewing Circle

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Sewing Circle

Home ec class and machine shop are both full of kids who are good with their hands. These gods and goddesses are particularly good at sewing, needlework, and weaving. School fashion shows are always exciting with this group around! Neith can often be found making cloth and thread for the others to work with.


The wife of Odin is darn good at sewing. Sometimes she sews magic into her work, too. Everybody wants one of her shirts, so she's usually busy working on some class project or teaching classmates how to avoid stabbing themselves with needles.

The Muses

These nine Greek hotties are class favorites, but for some reason, they only seem to be good at suggesting designs for the Sewing Circle. They all seem to take off as soon as anyone mentions work. (Good think Neith and Frigg don't mind a few extra tasks.)


Before she married Dionysus, Ariadne hung out with the Sewing Circle so she could learn how to make thread. Whenever everybody asked why she was interested, she kept mumbling something about having to be ready for Theseus when he came to the labyrinth. Thanks to Ariadne's careful study, Theseus lived (yay), but then he ditched Crete without her (boo).

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