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Neith Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

You might think you've spotted Neith, but be careful that you haven't mistaken Athena for this Egyptian lady—you wouldn't be the first. She'll be sporting a huge longbow and hunting everything that comes in sight. And since she's been around since the beginning of time (and maybe before), she's a really good shot. Bottom line: wear bright colors when you go wandering around in the desert!

Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Build: Tall, muscular female (easy to mistake for a thin athletic male). Every once in a while, she transforms herself into a cow or a lion or a snake, but not that often.
Complexion: Pale yellow (like ancient Egyptian paintings of women) or white skin
Hair Color: Black, when not tucked under her tall red crown
Facial Hair: None
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: The Red Crown of Lower Egypt and sometimes a gold collar and bracelets. Sometimes Neith carries the was scepter of authority, or sets a tiny shield with crossed arrows on it on top of her hair.
Clothing: In human form, a tight fitting dress, usually red or white
Armor: Once in a while a scale mail shirt
Type of Weapon: Bows and arrows and occasionally a shield and long spear

Typical Companions:

Neith is a loner, so she's rarely seen with anyone except her son, Sobek.

Known Hangouts:

The edge of town
On or near the Nile
Empty places

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