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Nephthys - Goth Squad

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Goth Squad

High heels with spider webs and black top hats are only the start of these deities' interest in all things spooky. Nephthys hangs out with this crowd after school and taught most of them how to get their black nail polish just right.

Hades (Pluto)

Hades is probably the moodiest of the bunch. All those years of getting ignored by everybody but his dog and losing the best parts of the world to Zeus and Poseidon have given him plenty of reason to wear a lot of black and read Nietzsche. Persephone seems to cheer him, but she only gets to be at school for one semester every year.

Hecate (Trivia)

If Hades is Emo Goth and Nephthys is Old School Goth, Hecate is definitely Scary Goth. Everybody's terrified of her, and not just the Greek gods she came to school with. She's always staring at somebody—hard not to when you have three faces—and she's got a bunch of witches and creepy scary folks for friends. Don't ever make Hecate angry. You won't live long enough to regret it.

Hel (Hulda)

For a while, everybody at school thought this Norse goddess was wearing face paint. Then they realized she's the real deal: half woman and half skeleton, split down the middle. Make sure you're sitting on the flesh side in the lunchroom, or you might lose your appetite.

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