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Nephthys - The Quiet Ones

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The Quiet Ones

Not all the gods are super-chatty or extroverted like Isis and Zeus. Some of them prefer to be quiet or just listen to other people. Nephthys is used to being by herself. Over time, her voice has become quite soft, so she doesn't fare well in a crowd. But just because these gods aren't very vocal, it doesn't mean they can't be tough.

Vitharr (Viðarr)

This Norse son of Odin is super quiet, but nobody is going to mess with him. In addition to being almost as strong as Thor's hammer, it's prophesied that Vitharr gets to kill the evil wolf Fenrir after it kills Odin in the end of days, avenging his father's death. We bet Dad wishes he'd plan to show up at Ragnarok earlier?

Harpocrates (Horus the Younger)

Horus the Younger's Greek vacation wasn't very long, but people still remember how he sat in the corner with his finger in his mouth, and they called him Harpocrates (a Greek form of the Egyptian "Horus the Child"). Isis thinks it was just because he was a baby, but the Greeks are convinced that his magic finger proves he's a god of silence. Though Horus is often quiet and thoughtful, he can be plenty loud when he's yelling at Uncle Seth during their battles.

Kronos (Saturn)

Kronos doesn't say much these days. We have to admit we're not sure if it's that he really is a quiet god… or if he's still got a mouth full of baby gods. Ew! Where's Zeus when you need him?

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