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Njord - Cheerful Givers

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Cheerful Givers

The members of this group spend all their free time doing community service projects. They're running food drives, working in soup kitchens, and rounding up gifts to put under the Angel Tree at Christmas. Njord is a particularly generous giver because he has more wealth than he knows what to do with. So, he gives it to others, especially Middle-Earthlings who honor him. We're lucky to have him and the other members of this group in our midst. Otherwise, the world would be a much stingier place.

St. Nicholas (a.k.a. Santa Claus)

Everyone knows who Santa Claus is, but did you know that his character is based on a real-life Christian saint who gave gifts under the radar? Unlike Njord, St. Nicholas was too modest to go public with his gifts, so he'd sneak into a home at night and leave coins in people's shoes or, in one case, throw bags of them through the window.


In the late Roman religion, many gods and goddesses were added to the pantheon to represent abstract virtues (you know, like…Shmoopiness). Abundantia was one of them. She represents abundance and prosperity. You'll know it's her because she always carries a cornucopia, or horn that's overflowing with gifts. Yes, please.


Rosmerta is the Gaulish goddess of fertility and abundance. We only really know what she looks like because of ancient statues. In those statues, she carries either a cornucopia, purse, or patera—a shallow plate holding ritual drinks. Her name means "great provider," so it's no wonder she's part of this clique.

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