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Want to catch a big one? Fishermen honored Njord in the hopes of a successful outing all the way into the 18th century. (Georges Dumézil, From Myth to Fiction: The Saga of Hadingus, trans. Derek Coltman. University of Chicago Press, 1973, p. 220)

Interested in going sea-kayaking in a fjord with Njord? (First you have to say it three times fast.) Check out the adventures offered by this Norwegian company with his name.

If you ever want to listen to symphonic metal music (we know you do), check out the album Njord by the band Leaves' Eyes. And bonus: the lyrics tell stories from Scandinavian mythology.

The name of Njord's hall in Asgard, Nóatún, means "ship enclosure" in Old Icelandic. Which kind of makes us wonder if the guy lives in a marina. (Andy Orchard, Dictionary of Norse Myth and Legend. Cassell, 1997, p. 119)

From home of a god to modern-day groceries: today, Nóatún is the name of a chain of Icelandic supermarkets. (Source.)

Medieval Icelanders once referred to the sea-sponge as "Njord's glove." (Source.)

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