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Njord - Sailing Team

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Sailing Team

Ah, the sea. There's nowhere Njord would rather be. He and his friends like to hang out on the water, so naturally they gravitate toward boats and fishing and all things ocean. They're one very successful sailing team. After all, many of them have the ability to control the winds, weather, and waves. If you're hoping to catch the big one on your next fishing trip, or just enjoy good weather during your picnic at the beach, you'd be smart to get in with this clique.

Poseidon (Neptune)

Just like Scandinavian seafarers, the ancient Greeks also prayed to their sea god for calm waters and good weather. And with good reason. When Poseidon is ignored, he tends to strike the earth with his trident, causing shipwrecks, storms, and even earthquakes. Gulp.


In Haitian voudou, Agwé is the spirit of the sea and its inhabitants and the patron of fishermen and sailors. Ceremonies honoring Agwé usually happen right by the ocean. Here's how it goes down: offerings are floated to him on the waves and, if they return, it means they've been rejected. Keep your eye out for this guy—he's usually depicted as a young and handsome man wearing a naval uniform. Yowza!

Repun Kamui

Fishing and whaling were super important for the Ainu of Japan—even just for survival. Stories about their sea god, Repun, focus on his generosity; like Njord, Repun loved giving gifts. In one case, he even left the carcass of a whole whale near a village without any expectation of respectful worship in return. You can't really miss him—in fact, he often takes the form of an orca whale.

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