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Njord Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

If you want to find Njord, then get thee to the seashore. If he's not there, he probably already hopped onto a fishing boat for the day. Bottom line: there's nowhere Njord would rather be than near the ocean. In fact, his inability to be happy anywhere else was largely responsible for the failure of his marriage to Skadi. Speaking of which, if Skadi's around, you definitely won't find Njord anywhere nearby. How to spot him? Well, he's a bearded fellow who's getting on in years. Oh, and he's always ready for ocean-going, so you'll probably see him with his trusty oar.

Sex: All man
Age: Young enough to be virile, old enough to know better
Build: Brawny
Complexion: Medium fair
Hair Color: Dark blonde/ Light brown
Facial Hair: Bearded
Scars/marks/tattoos: Nothing remarkable
Jewelry and accessories: An oar and a bag of wind for storm-making. (Where can we get one of those?)
Clothing: Whatever's practical for a long day at sea
Armor: Not usually
Type of Weapon: The ability to control the winds and waves.

Typical Companions:

Family servant, Skirnir
Son and daughter, Freyr and Freyja

Known Hangouts:

The seashore
Fishing boats
His hall, Nóatún
Sea World

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