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Nuada Silver-Hand - All Torn Up

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All Torn Up

These gods are all missing a few bits and pieces from their anatomy, whether it's a hand, a finger, or a more, um, personal organ. You can find them searching under their tables and in their lunchboxes to find those lost body parts. They also play part-time in a band called "Lost Limbs."


Osiris got the short end of the stick when it comes to family. His brother, Seth, never liked the fact that Big O became the first king of Egypt, so Seth killed Osiris and dismembered him. One part Osiris's wife, Isis, didn't find? His phallus. She got groovy with a golden reconstruction of O's body part to produce the god Horus.


Nuada and Tyr are really close, maybe because each of them lost a hand. Tyr, the Germanic god of war and justice, got his mano nibbled off by Fenrir, a huge wolf. He spends time avoiding all canines as a result and loves making tacos with his left hand.


You can call this guy "Tezzy One-Foot." Before the world came into being, the Earth Monster faced off with Tez. Tez used his tasty foot and tempted the Earth Mother to pop out from beneath the ocean. Unfortunately for him, the Earth Mama caught his tootsie, but, in the process, lost her lower jaw; Tez overpowered her and used her to create the earth itself. Worth it?

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