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Odysseus (Ulysses) - Commendation for Odysseus

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Commendation for Odysseus

Case Description: King Tyndareus awards Odysseus for helping to avoid a conflict between the many suitors who lined up for the hand of the beautiful Helen. By suggesting to the king that all suitors should swear to uphold the honor of the one man who was chosen to be Helen's husband, Odysseus helped Tyndareus avoid a potential war between the rival suitors when Helen was given to Menelaus.

Case Status: When Paris took off with Helen, Menelaus called in the oaths of all the other suitors, so they all (including Odysseus) had to go with Menelaus to Troy to help him kick some Trojan butt. So Odysseus's bright idea helped to cause a large-scale war. We wonder: was it really such a bright idea?

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