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Oedipus - Valedictorians

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The kids in this group eat lunch in the library while boning up on some subject or another. Oedipus totally fits into this group, because unlike a lot of the more jocky heroes out there, he used his brains to make him famous. Instead of killing the Sphinx with an axe or something, he figured out her riddle, causing her to kill herself. Pretty neat trick. (Guess he's lucky she took riddles so seriously.)

Athena (Minerva)

Athena was about as brainy as they come. As the goddess of wisdom, she kind of had to be. Of course, there was never any doubt that Athena was going to be a know-it-all. Her mother was Metis, the Titan goddess of wisdom, and instead of being born normally, Athena leapt from the skull of Zeus. Crazy.


Like Oedipus, Odysseus was one of those heroes known more for his brains than his brawn. Don't get us wrong, Odysseus could still totally regulate on the battlefield if push came to shove, but he usually liked to use diplomacy or some sneaky strategy to get out of direct conflict if he could.


This wise and gentle centaur was more than just a grade-A student, he was one of the most famous teachers of all time. His specialties were prophecy and medicine, but he knew pretty much everything about anything and loved to pass it on. Achilles, Jason, Ajax and many other big time heroes all studied under this half horse/half man.

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