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Orestes - The Furies vs. Orestes

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The Furies vs. Orestes

Case Description: Complainants (The Furies) accuse Defendant (Orestes) of murder in the first degree, alleging that Orestes killed his mother, Clytemnestra. Orestes countersued the Erinyes for harassment, because they pursued him relentlessly, nearly driving him mad.

Case Status: Dismissed. A trial was held in which Athena presided as judge and Apollo served as defense for Orestes. Orestes pleaded guilty to the murder of his mother, but it was brought to the court's attention that he murdered Clytemnestra in retaliation for her murdering Orestes' father, Agamemnon. Also, Orestes was ordered to avenge his father by the Oracle of Apollo, so he kind of had to do it. In the end, Athena ordered the Furies to stop harassing Orestes. They agreed to do this in return for receiving a place of honor among the people of Athens.

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