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Orestes - The People of Tauris vs. Orestes and Pylades

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The People of Tauris vs. Orestes and Pylades

Case Description: Complainant (The People of Tauris) accuse Defendants (Orestes and Pylades) of trespassing and attempted larceny. To atone for the murder of Clytemnestra, Orestes and Pylades traveled to the barbarian land of Tauris to recover a statue of Artemis that fell from the sky. The Taurians, however, were pretty attached to their statue and decided to sacrifice the young adventurers to Artemis instead.

Case Status: Case pending. It turned out that the priestess of Artemis who was supposed to perform the sacrifice was actually Orestes' sister Iphigenia. This was a pretty big shock because everybody thought Agamemnon had sacrificed Iphigenia back in the day. After a quick reunion, Iphigenia helped Orestes and Pylades escape, and the trio high-tailed it back to Greece, bringing the statue with them. (The Taurians are still majorly ticked off about that statue.)

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