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Orion, the giant, is a great big star. We mean this literally and figuratively. The guy literally kicks it as a constellation these days, but he was also a famous "star" for being a crazy good hunter. Here's the sad thing about stars, though: We can't take our eyes off them when they fall.

It's totally true, right? As soon as a star has a meltdown (Britney), or is accused of a crime (Lindsay), people can't seem to stop watching the whole train wreck go down. Whether it's the star's fault or not (with Orion it totally is), folks keep the TV on, check out the gossip rags and blogs, and do whatever it takes to keep up with the latest embarrassment.

Orion definitely doesn't disappoint on the whole spectacular downfall front. He gets convicted of sexual assault (twice in some versions), stumbles around blind until he's healed, then gets killed by a giant scorpion as punishment for trying to slaughter every animal on Earth. Whoa baby, if he were around today, the messed up lives of our stars might not seem quite so messed up by comparison.

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Orion Resources


Orion’s Stars
This site tells you the names of all the stars in Orion's constellation. Hint: one of them is actually a nebula. Don't know what that is? Don't worry, this site fills you in on that too.

More Stars
We know you're dying to know what the constellation Orion looks like, so click on the link below. Well, you could just go outside at night and look up. Oh, whatever, do both.

Movie or TV Productions

Hercules and Orion Get Disni-fied
In this cartoon adventure, young Hercules springs constellation Orion from the sky, but things get totally out of control when the other constellations make a break for it.


Tour of Orion
This Youtube video takes you on a trippy trip through the constellation Orion, while listening to some kind of intense techno-y metal music. (Fun stuff.)


Ben Bova (Yes, that's his name.)
If you're dying to hear Ben Bova's sci-fi novel about an eternal hero named Orion, then we've got just the link for you.


Astronomy by Hesiod
Only fragments of this ancient text exist, but one of them gives you the low-down on Orion.

The Odyssey by Homer
In this epic poem, Odysseus has an Orion sighting when he swings by the Underworld to consult with the seer, Tiresias.

The Library of History by Diodorus Siculus
Diodorus claims in his ancient poem that Orion was the biggest, strongest hero of all time. (We wonder what Heracles would have to say about that.)

The Library by Apollodorus
Yup, Orion can walk on water. At least that's what Apollodorus says in this ancient text.

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