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Orion Mwuetsi

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Nope, we weren't just pressing random letters on the keyboard, Mwuetsi is a legendary figure from myths of the Makonin people of Zimbabwe. Just like Orion, he got in trouble for taking too many liberties with the ladies. Mwuetsi was the first human being ever and was created by the god Maori. (Yeah, so he's kind of like Adam in the Bible too.)

Mwuetsi was lonely so Maori sent him a woman named Massassi to be his wife. The first man decided his wife was defective, though, when the only babies she could have were a bunch of plants. After checking out Mwuetsi's complaints in the complaint box, Maori sent a new wife named Morongo. This wife, however, could only have animals as babies, so Mwuetsi was not pleased.

Maori told him to lay off sleeping with Morongo for a while, but just like Orion, Mwuetsi couldn't control his urges and he raped her. After this, Morongo gave birth to a bunch of poisonous snakes and spiders. Mwuetsi ending up thinking one of the snakes was sexy, so he had sex with it too. (Okay, this story just got weird.) The snake wasn't that into Mwuetsi, and it bit him. So, just like Orion, Mwuetsi died of a poisonous sting.

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