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Orion Water Walking

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Water Walking

Besides hunting, Orion's next favorite pastime was walking on water. (Seriously, how long till water walking becomes an X Game?) The big guy got this amazing ability from his dad, Poseidon, the god of the sea, who was known to ride his chariot across the surface of the ocean. (Sea chariot racing? Also an awesome X Game.)

Orion isn't the only water walker we're ever heard of, though. Though legends of Orion came way before him, Jesus Christ probably wins the award for most famous water walker of all time. Not one but three, count 'em three, of the Bible's New Testament gospels include the incident where Jesus saves his disciples by walking out on the Sea of Galilee and calming a storm.

It's kind of interesting that two such TOOOOOTALLY different figures both were said to have this awesome ability. Let's face it: Orion is no Jesus Christ. Jesus is known for self sacrifice, preaching forgiveness, and helping the poor, while Orion is known for raping women, killing animals, and being totally full of himself. With both Jesus and Orion, though, this miraculous ability is a sign that their dad was a god. The fact that they both can conquer Mother Nature in this way shows that they're both more than a little bit divine.

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