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Orion Sex

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Yup, there's no doubt that sex is a major theme in the story of Orion. For him, sex always leads to mega-trouble. The giant's lust drives him to do awful things like force himself on Merope for which he is blinded. In some versions Orion's lust actually causes his death. According to some, he also forces himself on Artemis' follower Oupis, so the virgin goddess shoots him with an arrow. In still other versions (yes, there's more), Orion has a fling with Eos, the goddess of dawn. This makes Artemis jealous, so she shoots him with an arrow. No doubt about it: Somebody should've gotten Orion a purity ring.

Questions About Sex

  1. How does Orion's lust affect his life? In what ways does it make him suffer?
  2. Is there any way in which sex has a positive effect on Orion's life?
  3. Research some the sexual exploits of other famous Greek heroes like Theseus and Heracles. Compare and contrast to the way sex affects their lives with the way it affects Orion's.
  4. How does sex affect the other characters in the story?
  5. Do you think Orion's punishment (being blinded) for his crime against Merope was appropriate? Why, or why not?
  6. Do you think Orion deserved to be healed by Helios? Why, or why not?

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