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Paris - Hecuba vs. the Fates

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Hecuba vs. the Fates

Case Description: Complainant (Hecuba) accuses Defendants (the Fates) of cruel and unusual punishment. Not long before Paris's mother, Queen Hecuba, gave birth to him, she had a dream that she gave birth to a flaming torch that destroyed all of Troy. A seer declared that the dream meant that Paris was destined to bring down the great city. Queen Hecuba and King Priam were totally ticked off that this was the fate of their son. Reluctantly, they gave little baby Paris to a shepherd, telling him to leave the baby on top of Mt. Ida to die.

Case Status: Case closed. Paris ended up being suckled by a friendly she-bear and survived. When the shepherd came back and saw this, he decided to raise Paris as his own son. (Note: The Fates totally had their way, and this did not work out well for Troy.)

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