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Paris - Pretty Boys

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Pretty Boys

Paris may be famous for seducing the most beautiful woman in the world, but he wasn't too hard on the eyes himself. In fact, he was said to be mega-hot. No wonder Helen just couldn't resist him. Too bad that his golden curls, shining eyes, and charming smile ended up getting him and the whole city of Troy into a ton of trouble. Seems like that's the case for a lot of the kids in this group, who all learned the lesson that good looks don't always equal a good life.


This dude was said to be the handsomest mortal to ever strut his stuff on the earth. He totally knew it, too. When the nymph, Echo, went gaga for him, Narcissus ignored her. She was so smitten that she let herself waste away until nothing was left but the echo of her voice. To punish Narcissus for being so, well, narcissistic, the goddess of vengeance, Nemesis, cursed him to stare at his own reflection until he wasted away.


This guy was so sexy that Aphrodite herself went totally crazy for him. And when he was killed by a wild boar, Aphrodite got even crazier. Like she-still brings-it-up-at-parties-and-cries-even-though-it-was-thousands-of-years-ago crazy. If the goddess of love and beauty went this nuts over a mortal, there's no doubt that he was one smoking hunk of man. No wonder these days his name is synonymous with "sexy dude."


Sure he's famous for being one of the most kick-butt warriors ever, but the mighty Achilles was also said to be one of handsomest guys around. Hmmm, we wonder if that's the real reason Paris killed him by shooting that arrow into his heel. Was he just trying to get rid of the competition? The world may never know.

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