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    Pryderis's a real golden boy, down to his shiny blond locks. He got abducted as a kid, but bonded with his parents (he's really close with his mom, Rhiannon, and stepdad, Manawydan). He likes to fight, rock out on the guitar, and travel throughout England disguised as a bard.

    Basic Information




    Sir Pries-a-lot, Deri, Pry, Gwri of the Golden Hair



    Current city


    Work & Education


    King of Dyfed


    I learned from my dad, Pwyll.


    Political views

    Pro-magic and monarchy

    Family & Friends (& Enemies)


    Pwyll and Rhiannon






    Teyrnon, Mannanan/Manawydan mac Lir, Arawn


    Gwydion, Gilfaethwy, Llywd, Matholwch


    Relationship status

    Married to Cigfa

    Interested in

    Welsh ladies!


    TV Shows

    Yo Momma
    I love my mom, but this was addicting.
    The Walking Dead
    Dance Moms

    Thankfully, this wasn't my mother.
    Xena: Warrior Princess


    "The abduction of a child is a tragedy. No one can fully understand or appreciate what a parent goes through at such a time, unless they have faced a similar tragedy. Every parent responds differently. Each parent copes with this nightmare in the best way he or she knows how."
    -John Walsh

    "I started singing because I come from Wales."
    -Bryn Terfel

    "The point is that you can't be too greedy."
    -Donald Trump

    "I tell her everything, and she knows the truth."
    -Harry Styles on his mum


    George R.R. Martin - A Game of Thrones
    Erich Maria Remarque - All Quiet on the Western Front
    All's at peace in Wales!
    Penelope Fitzgerald - The Golden Child
    I might've been abducted, but I was pure gold, thanks to my hair!
    C.S. Lewis - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    Homer - The Odyssey
    Love the relationship between Odysseus and his boy.
    Anonymous - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    Richard Adams - Watership Down
    Who doesn't love bunnies?
    Roald Dahl - The Witches
    Magic runs in my family, but not like this, thankfully!
    Robert Newton Peck - A Day No Pigs Would Die
    Great day for me and Arawn, then. Or is it not really about oinks?
    Sophocles - "Electra"
    Glad I don't have a kid who would do this to her mother.


    Electric Six - "Danger! High Voltage"
    Magic is perilous, like this song.
    Spice Girls - "Mama"
    Dashboard Confessional - "Stolen"
    Sad tale of me as a baby.
    Sister Sledge - "We Are Family"
    Me, Cigfa, Mom, and Manawydan are fam now.
    Sly and the Family Stone - "Everyday People"
    Not me!
    Public Enemy - "Fight the Power"
    I battled Irishmen. Does that count here?
    Destiny's Child - "Survivor"
    America - "You Can Do Magic"
    We all can in my country.


    Duh. True life!
    Peppa Pig
    On the Road
    Gold Diggers: the Secret of Bear Mountain

    I know about the dangers of gold.
    Hocus Pocus

    Not all witches are good ones.
    This is England

    Watched it only after Manawydan and I went there.
    A Walk to Remember

    So sappy, but moving.
    The Lion King

    Activities & Interests


    Sword sharpening
    My beloved mother
    Family bonding time
    Welsh food


    Celtic studies


    Welsh and Proud
    Pig Lovers
    My Family is So Complicated It's Not Even Funny
    Stolen as a Kid and Brought Back a Golden Cutie
    Horses are My Life

    • Spotter's Guide

      Pryderi is a handsome man and knows the ladies love him. He does pull-ups, crunches, and rowing exercises to keep his physique intact, or you can find him wrestling with his dogs. Manawydan likes to keep his nephew in line—Pryderi likes to rush off to war—and keep him and Rhiannon from getting into trouble.

      Sex: Male
      Age: 40
      Build: Muscular
      Complexion: Pale
      Hair Color: Blond
      Facial Hair: None
      Scars/marks/tattoos: None
      Jewelery and accessories: Golden bowls
      Clothing: Nothing made out of pigskin
      Armor: Chainmail
      Type of Weapon: Sword and shield

      Typical Companions:

      My wife, Cigfa
      Gwydion (unfortunately)

      Known Hangouts:

      Magical castles where I get trapped
      England (where I roam around a lot)

    • Sightings

      Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

      The Mabinogion

      Here's Pryderi's story from beginning to end, in all four branches of the tale. His birth—and the love affair between Pwyll and Rhiannon—is told in an epic fashion. The reader learns about his BFF relationship with his mother, his battles against Gwydion, and his sad death.

      Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

      "Songs Before the Sons of Llyr" in The Book of Taliesin

      Here, Taliesin recalls surviving the battle for Branwen with Manawydan and Pryderi. This tale tells of Tali's really, really long life and all the cool things he's seen. Hardly a bucket list, but a list of all the buckets he's overturned!

      Dec 20, 1375 - Dec 20, 2019

      "The Welsh Triads" in The Red Book of Hergest

      Pryderi loves pigs! Pryderi's called one of the "Three Powerful Swineherds of the Island of Britain." Lucky man that Arawn was nice enough to give him those oinkers. Pryderi got seven pigs from Arawn and gave them to his foster-father; because of his power, Pry apparently couldn't be deceived and couldn't be forced to do stuff.

      Dec 20, 1968

      The High King by Lloyd Alexander

      In this Welsh-inspired kids' fantasy, Pryderi's a bad guy and a famous king. He's the eneny of Gwydion—who, here, is a good man—unlike in Welsh mythology. It's a great book, full of magic, adventure, and Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper.

      Dec 20, 2019

      Divine by Choice by P.C. Cast

      What's with Pryderi being a bad dude? He has influence—not good influence, of course—over the Fomorians. He really loves being portrayed negatively... not!