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Pryderi - Abducted and Awesome

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Abducted and Awesome

These mythological dudes and ladies were all kidnapped—or disappeared, perhaps suspiciously—when they were kids. They sympathize with one another and train to become lawyers (hello, Mock Trial) to prosecute their kidnappers when they're old enough. Watch out, wrongdoers—the Justice League is here.


Perhaps the most famous of abducted folks, Persephone, the Greek bride of the god of the dead, Hades, isn't a happy camper. She was stolen from her mother, Demeter, and, as punishment, Demeter didn't let anything grow for a really long time. She now splits her time between the Underworld and Mount Olympus after she chomped down on a pomegranate seed (not her fave food!).


Sita, wife of the Indian hero Rama, was stolen by the demon Ravana! With the help of the monkey lord Hanuman, Rama rescues Sita and the lovebirds are reunited. True luv rules all!


This Sumerian deity, lord of fertility, is hubby to the awesome lady Inanna. Once, when Inanna was thought to be dead, Dumuzi was happy to finally be free. Inanna came home, was ticked off, and arranged for demons to carry Dumuzi off to the Underworld.

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