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Pryderi - Tricked by a Trickster

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Tricked by a Trickster

Tricksters have those names for a reason. These folks have been the butt of magicians' tricks and jokesters' deeds for years. They now practice pranks on their own time to get their enemies back!


The Greek lord of light, music, and prophecy, Apollo got tricked by Hermes, the god of thieves and trade A newborn Hermes stole Apollo's cattle, which ticked his big half-bro off. Apollo was gonna do something nasty to newborn Hermes, until Hermes gave his brother the lyre he created from a tortoise and made Apollo master of music.


The dwarves of the Norse Underworld were tricky Loki's BFFs. They crafted great items for him—rings, etc. Once, though, Loki decided to vex them big time and turned himself into a fly; he bugged them and messed up their work.


Deer is a pretty good trickster, though Rabbit, in Native American and African-American stories, is often the tricky guy. Rabbit and Deer competed in a race, which Deer won, but then Rabbit fools Deer into shaving off parts of his teeth. Finally, Deer convinces Rabbit to jump across a river, which Rabbit finds, suddenly, is turned into an ocean—needless to say, a bunny got wet.

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