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Ptah - Night Owls

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Night Owls

Some gods like to hang out in the daytime; others prefer to burn the midnight oil and spend the morning sleeping through class. These night owls are all friends of Ptah, who does his best work after dark.


If Ra's the falcon of the daytime, Sokar's the falcon of the night. He sails the starry sky in a fancy boat and is the king of darkness and stillness. You'll see him sneaking around the Nile at night, but you'll have to look hard if there's no moon.

Erebus and Nyx

You never see these two without each other, but it makes sense since Erebus means "darkness" and Nyx means "night." Erebus likes it when things are weird—the more chaos the better, he thinks. His girl Nyx likes wearing Gothic dresses.


Daikoku not only likes the dark, he uses it to do his job—which is to steal as many statues of Japanese gods and goddesses as he can. With his magic hammer, he can turn anything into money, and he does a nice side business selling all those stolen gods.

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