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Rhiannon - Dude, Where's My Baby?

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Dude, Where's My Baby?

After Pryderi was kidnapped, Rhiannon was distraught. But thanks to a support group, complete with other women who went through the same thing, she was able to cope. Eventually, she got Pryderi back, so all's well in Rhiannon land.


This bereaved mom knows what it feels like to have a kid taken away. She's the mother of Ganymede, the handsome Trojan youth abducted by Zeus in the form of an eagle. Ganymede was so handsome that Zeus couldn't help but snatch him up. At least Zeus gave the family magical horses in exchange.


The mother of Rama's wife, Sita, Sunayana has found it hard letting go of her daughter. She once gushed to a royal guru how much it hurt to let Sita go. That pain was magnified when the demon Ravana kidnapped Sita, but her baby girl came back safe and sound eventually.


This mythological Maori chieftain from Hawaiki had a beautiful daughter, Kura-Maro-Tini. He even gave her his favorite canoe, Aotea. He was distraught when Kupe kidnapped adorable Kura and took off for New Zealand. Since then, they Skype often and he comes to visit once a year.

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