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Rhiannon - Horsing Around

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Horsing Around

Rhiannon loves horseback riding so much that she and her pals started a Pony Club. They go for trail rides and visit Thoroughbred farms, and when they're not riding, they're looking for stallions of their own.


He's the Greek god of earthquakes and all things maritime, but Poseidon's also the lord of horses. He loves going out for a ride, especially on the beach, while brandishing his trident. After all, isn't the smell of the sea air the best way to experience the equines?


Sometimes called a form of the god Shiva, Khandoba loves going out for a good trot. He's known for fighting demons, so he carries his sword and dagger with him wherever he goes, which can make it awkward when going through metal detectors. You can find him up on horseback, sometimes with a faithful dog by his side.


This Norse mega-deity calls his favorite steed, Sleipnir, one of his BFFs. They go for long runs, which is easy for Sleipy, since he's the fastest horse ever (he has eight legs). Whenever the gods have a match race between their mighty steeds, Odin just saddles up Big S and they run off with the prize.

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