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Rhiannon - Rhiannon vs. the Men of Dyfed

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Rhiannon vs. the Men of Dyfed

Case description: Rhiannon accuses the men of Dyfed of Unfair Labor Practices. When they wrongfully convicted her of killing her child, Rhiannon was banished from Arberth Castle. She had to sit by a mounting block and tell her story to anyone who walked by, as well as offering to give them piggyback rides to the court.

Case status: Dismissed. It turns out that Pryderi was magically abducted and dropped off in the stables of Teyrnon of Gwent. Teyrnon named the blond boy Gwri Gwallt Euryn (Gwri of the Golden Hair), but once he realized the child was Rhiannon's missing baby, he gave him back. Rhi didn't have to schlep anyone around anymore.

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