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Serqet - Campus Security

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Campus Security

It's the job of the campus security guards to protect their domains, and sometimes, the important possessions of the gods who appoint them as watchmen. Serqet's nightly duties include being a very active bodyguard for Ra as he rides through Duat. A few of her compatriots on the campus security force are similarly talented, and they're all eternally vigilant.


If vigilance is what you're after, Norse god Heimdall is your guy. His job is to keep a weather eye on the horizon and to blow that sweet Gjallarhorn at the first sign of trouble. He's a natural choice for Eyes and Ears of the Law: dude has night vision and can hear grass grow.


Hermes isn't the buffest of his Greek god bros. But as messenger of the gods, he's wicked fast and can raise the alarm like it's nothing. He pays particular attention to protecting the smart kids—and the kleptos (you know what they say: it's good to have someone on the inside). Like Serqet, who protects Ra's boat of dead people, Hermes escorts each soul of the recently deceased to Acheron's underworld ferry. What a gentleman.


In Japanese Buddhist temples, the four S***enno are protectors of the four cardinal directions. In India, they're known as the "deva generals". They keep an eye out for trouble, and are often artistically-rendered standing on evil spirits.

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