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Serqet - Canopic Chicks

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Canopic Chicks

This club is what you might call "exclusive." After you're mummified, there are only four goddesses who are in charge of protecting the jars filled with your orphaned organs. (Sure, there are four gods who are depicted on the heads of the jars, but who's really going to stop your squishy bits from falling into the wrong hands? Answer: One of these ladies.) They're butt-kicking gals, and the baddies know to steer clear. Serqet's particular charge is Kebehsenuef and his hawk-headed jar. They hold on to your intestines so you don't have to.


Isis is a big deal in the Egyptian pantheon. She's the wife of Osiris, mother of Horus, enemy of Set (well, one of many), and does not take guff from anyone. This one time, she poisoned Ra and refused to save him until he helped her out. It's no wonder that she was nominated as a canopic jar protector. Isis was paired with the god Imsety to watch over the liver.


Egyptian goddess of war and hunting (her symbols are a shield and two crossed arrows), Neith is a natural choice for watchful defender. She's also an expert weaver, and is involved in crafting mummy shrouds. Tough girl? Check. Death-related duties? Check. She guards the Duamutef's jar, which holds the stomach.


Nephthys is often found by the side of her sister, Isis. She's an expert mourner and protector of the dead. Confusingly, she's pro-Osiris even though she's always hooking up with Set. Hey, sisters gotta stick together. Nephthys keeps an eye on Hapy, who keep tabs on the lungs.

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