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Serqet Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Where you'll find Serqet depends on the time of day. In the A.M., she's usually hanging out with her BFFs. In the evening, you'll have to check Duat—a scary stretch of underworld. She might be busy, though, so it's probably best to find her during the day if you need a favor. And stay on your best behavior! If you offend her, she has no problem putting scorpions in your bed. If you still want to find her, look for a pretty lady with great eyebrows, a simple dress, and a scorpion on her head. (If Lady Gaga's lobster hat is any indication, she's recently taken to giving out fashion advice.)

Sex: Female
Age: Late 20s, early 30s
Build: Average
Complexion: Tan
Hair Color: Dark
Facial Hair: N/A, unless you count those killer Egyptian lashes
Scars/marks/tattoos: N/A
Jewelry and accessories: Scorpion-bedazzled hat
Clothing: Dress, pretty standard
Armor: N/A
Type of Weapon: Chains. Oh, and that scorpion on her head? Yeah, that's not a dead animal.

Typical Companions


Known Hangouts

Duat (the underworld)
Scorpion dens

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