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Watch out, she's dangerous! In Old Icelandic, Skadi's name means "scathe," "harm," or "damage." Gulp. (Source.)

Skadi's athleticism seems to have rubbed off on the Dutch student rowing club named in her honor: they've won the prestigious "Varsity" eight times!

Skathi is the name of one of the moons of Saturn. It's part of the "Norse group," which are the most "eccentric" of Saturn's moons (NASA's word, not ours!). (Source.)

If you're interested in dining the way Skadi might have, look no further than Restaurant Skadi, in Santa Paula, CA. Appropriately, the restaurant offers alpine views and fine European venison. Mmm.

In Philip Pullman's Golden Compass trilogy, the Latvian witch queen shares her last name with Skadi. Like our goddess, Ruta Skadi the witch is one fierce lady.

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