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Skadi Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

(Middle school level)

Skadi really stands out in a crowd. She'll probably be the tallest person there (she is a giantess, after all). Plus, sometimes she wears a full suit of armor and carries a bow and arrow. (Careful! She won't hesitate to shoot if necessary!) When she's not in war gear, she'll probably be on skis. You'll find her zipping down and around the mountains around her beloved home, Thrymheim. She's probably on the hunt—it's one of her favorite pastimes.

Sex: Female
Age: Youngish
Build: Very large (she's a giantess!)
Complexion: Healthy and ruddy
Hair Color: Fair
Facial Hair: Nah
Scars/marks/tattoos: Nothing remarkable
Jewelry and accessories: A good pair of skis or snowshoes
Clothing: Winter clothes: fur, hats, gloves, and boots
Armor: A helmet and chainmail
Type of Weapon: Bow and arrow or other hunting weapons, like spears

Typical Companions:

Stepchildren Frey and Freyja and family servant Skirnir
Estranged husband, Njord (when she has no choice)

Known Hangouts:

Childhood home, Thrymheim
The mountains
The (ski) slopes
Njord's seaside home, Nóatún (only when forced)
The archery range
The forest (during hunting season)

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