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Sobek - Emergency Room

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Emergency Room

Everybody gets hurt sometimes. These gods and goddesses have a knack for healing and medicine, and the other gods come to them for help when they need it. Sobek is very strong, and uses his strength to help Horus the Elder do surgery at their joint temple at Kom Ombo.


Asclepius is not just a god of healing; he is the god of healing. He carries around a special staff with a central pole surrounded by curving snakes and topped with wings. And get this: it's still used as a symbol meaning "medicine" even today. He works the ER as both a doctor and a teacher, showing the other gods how it's done.

Beaivi (Bieve)

The bright sun goddess of the Sami people (who live around the North Pole above the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Finland) helps sick people heal and get stronger. She's also responsible for lifting your spirits after it's been dark for a long time. Hard to be gloomy when the sun's smiling in your face!


While this Norse goddess isn't exactly a doctor, she makes a good nurse. Not only is she kind and helpful, but she also carries around a box of magic apples that grant eternal youth. And everybody knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away… right?

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