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There's a pattern in crochet called the Crocodile Stitch. It makes awesome-looking afghans!

One of the few female pharaohs was named Sobekneferu, or "Sobek is beautiful." She ruled Egypt from 1806-1802BCE and was the last king of the Middle Kingdom's Dynasty 12.

The University of Florida's libraries, and some other universities and libraries, use a special kind of software called SobekCM. Why'd they name it Sobek? We're not sure, but perhaps Sobek's history is the reason. At Kom Ombo temple in Egypt, Sobek's side of the temple once held an important medical library.

When you're a comic book writer, and you're creating an army of psycho crocodile-men from the planet Punkus, what do you name them? Sobek ends up as the name of one of these crocodile men, who gets to fight Batman, Superman, and Shazam.

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