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Sobek - Monster Mash

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Monster Mash

This group is made up of gods and goddesses who scare the other deities at school just by the way they look. They never asked to be monsters, though—they were just born this way. Sobek doesn't mind hanging out with this crew; they're mostly decent once you get to know them. Except maybe Medusa.

Asterion the Minotaur

Tall and scary Asterion lived in a labyrinth on the island of Crete near Greece. One day, he managed to escape, thanks to Theseus. (Don't believe everything you read; how do you think he was going to get out of there without Theseus telling his dad the minotaur was dead?). Now he helps Sobek and the other monstrous gods with their homework. Turns out spending your life in a labyrinth gives you lots of time to work on your studies.


This Norse giant is a big guy. We don't mean important around campus; we mean huge. Thrym's so big that he doesn't fit in half the classroom doors. Thankfully, he has Asterion to guide him around and keep him from banging his head and losing what little brains he has left.


Is she or isn't she? Nobody's really gotten a good enough look at this Greek monster to tell, but it's hard to believe that someone utterly beautiful would turn people who gazed on her to stone. Also, all the hissing from her snakes-for-hair is probably a hint.

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