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Sobek - Outdoor Club

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Outdoor Club

These deities like hanging out outside, whether it's a beach party, a campfire in the mountains, or going on a nature hike through a forest. They're usually good with animals, too. Sobek likes these gods, but ends up using his half-human form to get around when they meet. Nobody wants to wait up for him to keep up on hikes, with those puny crocodile legs.

Artemis (Diana)

She doesn't hang out with them very often, but Artemis is the best tracker and hunter of the entire group. Just don't ask this Greek goddess to wait on the boys to catch up with her. They'll either keep the pace or be left in the dust of her sandals. (She'll wait for the girls, though.)


This Norse god loves being outside, but don't ask him to go too far away from the Bifrost bridge. It's his job to watch it and make sure no giants cross; and he takes that job very, very seriously.

Nodens (Nuada, Nudd)

This Celtic hunter from the British Isles has a fair amount in common with Sobek. He likes the water (salt water and the sea, more than fresh water, though), and he's a good hunter and an excellent healer. He also really likes dogs and often brings them to play when this clique gets together for cookouts.

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