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You know how all Batman has to say is "I'm Batman!" and everybody knows everything about him? Sokar's like that. Except all he has to say is "I'm darkness." Sokar is the ancient Egyptian god of 100% darkness, 100% of the time. No light, no heat, no sound, no nothing. Just darkness. And maybe a little bit of death on the side. (Kind of like Batman, come to think of it… )

Basic Information


Sokar (Seker, Sokaris)


He Who is on His Sand, He of the Tomb, Dead Hawk Dude, The Adorned One, Boston Blackie



Current city

Rosetjau, the cemetery outside Mennefer (Memphis)

Work & Education


I'm darkness and death. What else do you want?


From beyond the grave, I see all.


Political views

Nobody rules me.

Family & Friends (& Enemies)


unknown (it was dark)






Ptah and Osiris are my BFFs. I also like that Anubis kid.


They'll never see me coming.


Relationship status


Interested in



TV Shows

American Horror Story
Scary stuff! Oooh.
Mummies Alive

This was such a great show. Good thing nothing ever goes off TV in the underworld.
Could YOU take 15 years of darkness?
The X-Files

The truth is out there.


"Even in the darkness / every color can be found"
—Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

"What I give form to in daylight is only one percent of what I have seen in darkness."
—M.C. Escher

"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more."
—Dumbledore, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

"There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent a night with an insurance salesman?"
—Woody Allen

"Nothing in life is promised except death."
—Kanye West


The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler
Film noir wouldn't be nearly as awesome without Philip Marlowe.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
 -Tom Stoppard
And I've got them right here, with Yorick. (I knew him well.)
The Death of Ivan Ilych 
- Leo Tolstoy
Sometimes, death isn't fancy or heroic. But it's something you've all got to do.
 - Elie Wiesel
Hard things must be remembered. (But why'd he have to go and name it Night?)
The Left Hand of Darkness
 - Ursula K. LeGuin
Gender bending in outer space? Cool.
Night Photography: Finding Your Way in the Dark
 - Lance Keimig
There's some cool stuff in the darkness. Check it out.
The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts
 - R.O. Faulkner
Do you have any idea how dark it gets inside pyramids?
I Am Ozzy 
- Ozzy Osbourne
From one Prince of Darkness to another… he's got better hair.
Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness -
Louis Pattison, Nick Richardson, Brandon Stosuy, and Nathan T. Birk
Not everything dark is bad. Raise the horns!
- Tim Jessell
Flyin' high.


I've got the entire Dark Side of the Moon album by Pink Floyd on repeat. The underworld gives it an awesome echo.
The Rolling Stones rock the underworld, too. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I really dig the guitar riffs in (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.
You know, Led Zeppelin never said whether the Stairway to Heaven goes up or down. Doesn't matter. It goes to me!
If I wasn't the god of darkness and death, I'd be the god of power chords. And The Who would play Baba O'Riley for me for eternity.
Fade to Black
by Metallica
Aw, yeah.
Eternal Wait
by Ensiferum
These guys come from a land of midnight suns, but they got the darkness down right.
Swords in the Wind
by Manowar
Why does Odin get all the good songs?
by Blind Guardian
They did a whole album about a Tolkien novel. How cool is that?


Pitch Black
Why is everybody so scared of the dark?
The Mummy

None of that Brendan Fraser crap. Boris Karloff for me.

"In space, no one can hear you scream." Is that true?
Zero Dark Thirty

Maybe the phrase (about the middle of the night) is better than the film, though.
In Darkness

Sometimes, darkness does good things. (But don't go blowing our cover.)
The Dark Knight
series by Christopher Nolan. Batman is great. I wish he'd return my fan letters sooner, but I've got eternity to wait.
The Others

Sometimes, the dead need to stop scaring the living.

Activities & Interests


Darkness (you're surprised?)
Onion rings
Grumpy Cat
Sign language


NASA's Deep Space Network
Vacuums (the empty kind, not the house cleaning kind)


Ancient Egyptian Gods 
Egyptian Mythology 
The Darkness 
Death GODS

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