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Sokar - Avian Adventurers

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Avian Adventurers

Bird is the word with this gang of gods and goddesses. Everybody in this clique can transform themselves into various birds, or flying creatures. The wing is the thing! (We'll stop rhyming now. We promise.)


Big black ravens follow this Irish goddess everywhere she goes. Sometimes, she even transforms herself into one. As Badhb, the "battle raven," she goes down on battlefields and checks out everything that happened. If she's hungry, she might even peck up some lunch from dead soldiers! Ew.


As a shape shifting goddess, Isis can be anything she wants to be, and probably has been at some point. But she favors a bird form, a small raptor called a kite. She also likes to wear wings on her human body. We're not sure if she actually uses them to fly, or just likes draping them around Osiris's shoulders when they're making out.


It's a bird! It's a horse! It's a… Pegasus??? We have no idea how Poseidon and Medusa ended up with a winged horse for a kid (well, maybe we do, but it's no bedtime story). When he's not shining in the sky as a constellation, he likes flying around with Sokar (who shows up in his falcon form), and the rest of the Avian Adventurers. And thanks to Bellerophon and Perseus, Pegasus has lots of adventures to share.

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