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Sokar - Blackout Boys (and Girls)

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Blackout Boys (and Girls)

Don't expect any disco balls at this clique's annual dance. It's all dancing in the dark.

Erebus and Nyx

It doesn't actually get any darker than this. Erebus and Nyx are Darkness and Night, respectively, from ancient Greece. Since from darkness you get light and blah blah blah, they have a couple of super shiny kids (including Eros, Aether, and Hemera), but they've also got plenty of kids to hang out in the dark with them, including Thanatos and the really scary Moirae sisters.

Persephone (Proserpina)

Once, she picked flowers in a sunlit field. Then, Persephone eyes on Hades, the most gorgeous thing in the underworld, and off she went for an underground romance of the seasonal abduction kind. Demeter really doesn't like him, but Persephone's fond of bad boys. She and Sokar get along just fine.

Hod (Höðr)

Poor Höðr (not to be confused with Hodor from Game of Thrones). We're not sure he even knows what darkness is, since he can't see it, or anything else, being blind. All the Norse gods give him a hard time. Then again, he did kill his brother Balder. (But who would be crazy enough to give a blind guy a bow and arrow in the first place? Sokar makes sure Höðr keeps a safe distance from anything that might put someone else's eye out.

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