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Sokar - Cemetery Squad

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Cemetery Squad

You're not a death god until you start hanging out in the boneyard. You can usually find these gods hanging out in the biggest mausoleum, or feeding the ravens in that creepy tree at the top of the cemetery hill. (You know the one.)


Sokar's always been nice to Anubis, even though he has a giant jackal's head. Perhaps it's because Sokar doesn't have a lot of friends to start with, or because he knows he looks pretty ridiculous himself with a falcon's head. Or perhaps it's because nobody cares what you look like when you're dead. Anubis and Sokar hang out quite a bit, and sometimes Osiris and the Four Sons of Horus join in the fun.


When he's not riding around his dark domain, or headed up to the land of the living to sneak another visit with Persephone, Hades likes to hang with the Cemetery Squad. They make him feel less lonely during the spring, when he's all by himself, and they all seem to understand that it's hard being a death god sometimes.


Nobody seems to notice that this Norse goddess is half skeleton—and if that wasn't weird enough, it's only on one side of her body. Either they're not creeped out by it, she always manages to stand with the hot chick side facing them when they talk, or they're being polite. It's possible that maybe they're scared of Hel –even the unshakable Odin is supposedly nervous in her presence—but they still let her hang out with the gang.

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