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Sons of Horus - The Eternal Life Club

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The Eternal Life Club

The Four Sons of Horus don't get out much, but they do get to attend meetings of the Eternal Life Club once a month. Various gods and goddesses get together to discuss ways to preserve people, offer them eternal life, or ease their transition into the next world.

Persephone (Proserpine)

Eternally young and super sad, this Greek goddess only gets to come to club meetings during the spring and summer. Once fall comes, she has to go back to be with her husband, Hades. He doesn't really like letting Persephone out of his sight.


Nobody's sure if this Norse goddess should be let into the club, since no one who goes to her city after their death ever returns. But nobody wants to be the one to tell her to stop coming, either. She's kind of scary.

Sun Wukong

The Monkey King of China is great fun to have around. He's also immortal and a total cool kid with his magical staff and ability to transform himself into 72 different things. Once, he stole his own name out of the book of life and death and helped a monk make a long journey from China to India and back again, becoming a Buddha in the process.

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