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Sons of Horus Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Open a tomb and you're likely to find these four hanging out. They're cylindrical jars, each with their own distinctive head, and they each hold a different mummified organ in case the mummy needs it again. Sometimes they're bundled up in their own mini-sarcophagus or in a square shrine that's sitting next to the sarcophagus. If you go to the afterlife, you'll see them hanging out around the front step toward Osiris's throne or standing on top of a lotus flower right in front of his face. But don't misjudge. They're not just decorative—they've got some personality!

Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Build: Jars (cylindrical and about a foot tall, like cookie jars) with either men's heads for lids or different heads for each lid. If the lids are different, Imsety is a human-headed jar, Duamutef is a jackal-headed jar, Hapy is a baboon-headed jar, and Qebhsenuef is a falcon-headed jar.
Complexion: If all human, medium brown like most Egyptian men in paintings. If different, Imsety is medium brown skinned, Duamutef is a black jackal, Hapy is a brown baboon with a white and blue face, and Qebhsenuef is a golden falcon with blue or black markings.
Hair Color: Black, if they're wearing wigs. Duamutef has black fur as a jackal, and Hapy has brown and white fur as a baboon.
Facial Hair: Sometimes Imsety has a black beard or goatee.
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: None. They don't even have hands. They do, however, hold mummified organs inside: Imsety (liver), Duamutef (stomach), Hapy (lungs), and Qebhsenuef (large intestines).
Clothing: As jars, they don't really require clothing.
Armor: None
Type of Weapon: The four goddesses who guard them: Imsety's protectress Isis, Duamutef's protectress Neith, Hapy's protectress Nephthys, and Qebhsenuef's protectress Serqet.

Typical Companions

Horus the Younger 
Dead people

Known Hangouts

Funeral homes
Osiris's throne room
The Duat pool hall on the weekends (Horus shoots a mean round of 8-ball)

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