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Sons of Horus - The Young Ones

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The Young Ones

Not all gods are adults. Some start out young, and some stay young forever. The Four Sons of Horus are relatively small (being jars and all), but they've got plenty of life (afterlife?) experience.

Horus the Younger

It's weird, but the Four Sons get to be in a clique with their dad because he's also a kid—the very famous child of Isis and Osiris. Even after he grows up, Horus the Younger is often taunted about his age, especially by his uncle Seth.

Castor and Pollux (The Dioscuri) 

These Spartan bros for life know all about being stuck with each other. They're twins, and they even appear together in the constellation Gemini. Unlike the Four Sons, though, Castor and Pollux have arms and legs, and they get to go on many exciting adventures. They're kind enough to tell stories when they come to visit.

Hod (Höðr) 

He's a little older than the Four Sons (we think), but Hod's story is anything but happy. He also lives in the afterlife, but not by choice. In Hod's case, he got put there by Vali, who had to kill Hod in revenge for his accidental murder of his brother Balder. It's not very fair.

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